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Terms of trade

How to shop with us:

You can order your items here on our website.

All products displayed on the website are usually in stock.

If you have inquiries about items that are not on the site, please feel free to contact us at mail@wheelsshop.com


To get you started, you can take advantage of our always updated rim configurator on the site. Here you first choose your car brand that the rims must take care of, then the model and finally the year of your car.

When you find the model you might be interested in, click on the image, after which you will have the opportunity to choose whether you want to buy tires for your new rims.
In that case, you can choose "order with tires" and here choose which tire brand you want and what type it should be, summer or winter.


We have already found the size of the tires that fit your car, so you do not have to think about it.
When you have finished with your desired order, select order and you will enter directly into the shopping cart, where you will get an overall overview of the items and an overall price.
If the order is correct, you choose to order and must now fill in your information (name, address, etc.)
Proceed to the last step to get to payment of your order.


We accept the following payment methods: Visa, Visa Electron, Eurocard, Mastercard, Maestro, JCB, Klarna and financing for selected countries.




The payment itself takes place through a secure connection.
This encrypts all the information you send so that no one can read it.
The transmission is approved by PBS. Your order will be launched as soon as the payment is registered.
How to find your debit card information
You will be asked to fill in the following data.
1. Card number (16 digits located on the front of the card.
2. Check digits (three digits written on the back of the card just above the magnetic strip on the right)
3. Expiry date (4 digits located on the front of the card)




At Wheelsshop, we have no access to this information at any time. We can therefore not withdraw more than the amount on which your payment is registered.
Once you have purchased and paid for an order with Wheelsshop, the transaction will only take place when your order has been shipped from stock.
In general, the security of payment by card over the Internet does not depend on the individual website.
To get an agreement with PBS, which manages all card payments, the security of the various payment modules is checked before a collaboration is approved.
The collaboration can be terminated by PBS at any time if a store does not comply with the standards required by PBS.
PBS guarantees consumers' money for up to one month after the money is withdrawn from an account.
Fee to PBS for payment by card
Visa : EURO 0.00 (inside EU)
Visa Electron / MasterCard / EuroCard: EURO 0.00 (inside EU)

Foreign Visa / Mastercard or JCB: EURO 0.00 (inside EU)
Please note there may be a card fee for payments outside EU and the fee will be shown during the payment process.



All prices are indicative sale prices - incl. VAT within the EU.
Orders from other countries are deducted VAT automatically in the ordering process.
Any local tax, VAT, duty to customs, local shipping fee etc., must be paid by the customer when ordering outside the EU.
We have priced our online prices so that there is no possibility of further discount.
Our prices change all the time depending on how cheap we can buy our goods.
We have the cheapest solutions on the market when you look at the whole "package".
We reserve the right to, without notice, change prices due to changes in Wheelsshop's purchase prices, exchange rates, taxes, etc.


Order confirmation:
Once you have completed your order with us, you will automatically receive an order confirmation at your email address.

Please check your Spam folder as well



Delivery times:
Delivery times are indicated by the goods on the website.
The times are indicative, and depend on the current stock situation with us or from the suppliers in question, but we strive to deliver your order as soon as possible.
In case of delay of an item, you will be contacted by our sellers. If possible, we will announce a new delivery time on the same occasion.



We ship our goods by freight forwarder (DPD, GLS, DSV, FedEx, TNT, UPS etc.).
It is very important that the customer checks the packages upon receipt, ie while the driver is on site.
If you have ordered to a private address, you accept that the delivery may be placed without a receipt at your own risk. But you can possibly, also choose an alternative delivery address (such as a workplace where there is usually always staffing).


Flex delivery:
When you as a customer at Wheelsshop order one or more items and want our freight forwarder to place the item in a given place, Wheelsshop disclaims responsibility from the item and the responsibility passes to the buyer.
But you can possibly. also choose an alternative delivery address (such as a workplace where there is usually always staffing).


All shipping prices are calculated and displayed in the ordering process before payment.
Any local tax, VAT, duty to customs, local shipping fee etc., must be paid by the customer when ordering outside the EU.


Assembly guarantee:
When you search for tires and rims on our website via your car model, Wheelsshop guarantees that all rims and tires shown fit the selected car model. Everything is checked several times and we do not send anything that does not fit your car!
When a search is started via car model, the system reads based on the car's type approval, cf. the car manufacturer's regulations. This ensures correct rim and tire mounting.
Wheelsshop can not guarantee the fitment of rims and tires on cars with the following changes:

· Retrofitted non-original lowering sets.

· Retrofitted non-original brake calipers.

In many cases, the recommended tires and rims will still fit the car, despite the above changes.

All images of products shown are model images only. In some cases, a rim appears with a different number of bolt holes than the car's regulations.

Test fit the rims on the car before fitting tires.

Rims / tires that have been driven are accepted as being ok.


Receipt of goods:
Always check the goods upon receipt.
Defects must always be reported to Wheelsshop within 24 hours.
Freight damage must be reported to the freight forwarder or Wheelsshop within 24 hours.  Thereafter, the goods received will not be replaced.
Notification of damaged goods must be made by email to mail@wheelsshop.com
If your item has shipping or cosmetic damage, the item must not be used until you have contacted us.
If the item has been in use, Wheelsshop does not provide a guarantee and return is not possible.


Remember before mounting:
Test fit the rims on the car before fitting tires.
Also check for any paint or casting defects, which must be reported before fitting tires to the rim.
For complete wheels, remember to check that there is clearance for brakes, steering components, bodywork and shielding are met. Shielding can be controlled with a straightening rail on the upper part of the screen edge.
Rims / tires that have been driven are accepted as being ok.
Testing should take place on both the front and rear axles and on both sides, as the tolerance from the car manufacturers may differ.
Before test mounting, all car hub surfaces / system surfaces must be completely cleaned.
Check that the car's contact surfaces are completely flat and if necessary. guide bolts or grease caps must be removed.
Tension and possibly center rings must be tested on both the car and the rim.




Mounting on the car:
All hub collars must be lubricated with heat-resistant grease before mounting. Any bolts for center covers (covers) must also be lubricated.
Check that the enclosed fixture and possibly rim locks correspond to the thread pitch and head size of the original clamp.
DO NOT use electric or air-powered mounting tools to secure the rims. The rims must be torque tightened crosswise according to the car manufacturer's standards.


- After mounting on the car:
Strong accelerations and decelerations can get the wheels out of balance within the first 200 km (until the tire grease is "burned away")
Remember to retighten the rims after 300-500 km.


We only recommend using self-adhesive balancing weights, as traditional weights and plastic-coated weights can damage the surface of the rim during mounting.
Balancing is a service, there is no guarantee or right of complaint for this service.
Wheelsshop can therefore not be held responsible for any operating losses, including lost earnings, installation costs or the like.


Storage of tires and rims:
When storing your rims and tires, make sure they are not exposed to direct sunlight.
The rims must be cleaned before they are put away.

If you store the rims with tires, they should preferably be hung up or stacked. If, on the other hand, the tires are stored without rims, they must be stored upright.
Tires stored without rims are rotated at regular intervals.


Alloy wheel maintenance:
Alloy wheels require maintenance, therefore the rims must be cleaned regularly.
Special brake dust should be removed frequently as this can burn into the surface of the rims with a consequent damage to gloss and polishing.
It is only recommended to use regular car shampoo as well as a soft sponge or brush.
Steam and pressure cleaners must not be used for cleaning alloy wheels.
The washbasin rim brushes can in some cases damage your alloy wheels, therefore it is not recommended to use these (can be deselected in most cases).
Rims with polished, chrome-plated surfaces require more careful care and maintenance, especially with regard to brake dust. Here it is recommended to clean rims at least 1-2 times a week.
Polishing with auto wax is recommended!
Regular treatment with wax significantly facilitates the cleaning of your alloy wheels.
In the case of complaints / warranty cases, we look closely at whether it is due to lack of cleaning / maintenance in relation to actual production defects.
Improper use of the rim cleaner can lead to irreparable damage to the rim's paintwork, which in many cases will only appear several months after use.
Important: Therefore, follow the instructions for use carefully and wash thoroughly with clean water.



Wheelsshop reserves the right for price errors, backordered items and sold out or discontinued items.
If we can not meet your order, you will usually hear from us via email within 48 hours on weekdays - check your Spam folder also
Reservations are made for typographical errors, color differences, shipping delay and spelling errors.


Catalog, Brochures, website, etc.:
Images in catalogs, brochures and on the website are for guidance only.
Minor changes in appearance, weight and specifications may occur and are not considered deficient.
We reserve the right to make technical changes without notice.
We reserve the right to make printing errors, price and design changes (changed appearance and / or specifications of the products).



Wheelsshop offers surface warranty on alloy wheels for up to 5 years.
The warranty is determined by which product you choose. There is always a minimum 1 year surface warranty on rims purchased at Wheelsshop.com
If the rim has been hit, has a stone chip or has not been maintained, used incorrectly, etc., all warranty will cease.


Wheelsshop provides a 2-year warranty.
This means that you can have the item repaired, exchanged, price reduction or the money back, depending on the individual situation and if the complaint is justified.
Test fit the rims on the car before fitting tires. Rims / tires that have been driven are accepted as being ok.
Complaints can only be processed at our address, and must be sent free of charge. Ufranko shipments are not accepted.
Wheelsshop can not be held responsible for any operating losses, including lost earnings, installation costs or the like. Complete wheels are ordered goods / manufacturing orders and are therefore not covered by the Purchase Act regarding. right of return / cancellation of order when purchasing online.
Remember to enclose a copy of the purchase invoice.
The rims must be freshly washed.
If rims that are to be treated on warranty are sent unwashed, EURO 50, - net for wheel washing is calculated.
Complete wheels are wrapped with cardboard disc and plastic or foam foil between cardboard and rim.
No masking tape to hold cardboard, use packing tape or duct tape.
Remember to enclose a printout of the response mail from Wheelsshop.com.
Unpackaged / defective goods are at the sender's risk.
The warranty period / right of complaint is valid from our invoice date.
You can report complaints by sending an email to mail@wheelsshop.com
If you have questions about processing a complaint, email mail@wheelsshop.com


Supplementary option:
Alloy wheels are not defined as spare parts, but as accessories, so the manufacturer does not have an obligation to maintain a small production several years after the relevant rim design has been removed from the program.
It is therefore not realistic to pretend a supplementary guarantee to the customer.
Wheelsshop will always seek to resolve the issue of spare rims, in a way that is satisfactory to the consumer, by searching for replacement rims in the European dealer network.


Right of withdrawal:
We follow legislation and are given a 14-day right of withdrawal for all sales.
The item must be returned in the same condition as received and in original packaging.
You must bear the costs associated with returning the item.
The right of withdrawal lapses in the case of custom-made / ordered goods / manufacturing order goods. Complete wheels are ordered goods / manufacturing orders and are therefore not covered by the Purchase Act regarding. right of return / cancellation of order when purchasing online.



Disputes arising from deliveries from Wheelsshop must be settled in accordance with Danish law.
Venue is the Court in Aarhus - Denmark.


Product responsibility:
Reference is made to the general rules of Danish law in this regard, as Wheelsshop expressly reserves the right not to be liable for operating losses, lost earnings or other indirect losses.


Personal Information:
To be able to shop on our webshop, you must register with your personal information.
We need name, address, phone number and email address. This is for the sake of being able to deliver the item to the correct recipient, as well as being able to get in touch with the buyer if this should become necessary.
We always make sure that you as a customer have given consent to the registration of your information as well as clear information about what information is collected and why.
We do not record any personally sensitive information, and in no way pass on or sell to third parties.
We store your information for up to 1/2 year, after which data is automatically deleted.
According to the Personal Data Act, you have at any time, as a registered customer at Wheelsshop, the right to object to the registration or gain insight into what information is registered.
Inquiry regarding please direct the above to mail@wheelsshop.com




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