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All prices are indicative sale prices - incl. VAT within the EU.
Orders from other countries are deducted VAT automatically in the ordering processAny local tax, VAT, duty to customs, etc., must be paid by the customer when ordering outside the EU.
We have priced our online prices so that there is no possibility of further discount.
Our prices change all the time depending on how cheap we can buy our goods.
We have the cheapest solutions on the market when you look at the whole "package".
We reserve the right to, without notice, change prices due to changes in Wheelsshop's purchase prices, exchange rates, taxes, etc.

All shipping prices are calculated and displayed in the ordering process before payment.
Any local tax, VAT, duty to customs, local shipping fee etc., must be paid by the customer when ordering outside the EU.

Delivery time:
Delivery times are indicated by the goods on the website.
The times are indicative, and depend on the current stock situation with us or from the suppliers in question, but we strive to deliver your order as soon as possible.
In case of delay of an item, you will be contacted by our sellers. If possible, we will announce a new delivery time on the same occasion.

In the picture there are more holes on the rim than there are on the rim of my car, does the rim fit then ?
Yes, all images on the website are model images only. The image may therefore deviate from the technical specifications.

Assembly guarantee:
When you search for tires and rims on our website via your car model, Wheelsshop guarantees that all rims and tires shown fit the selected car model. Everything is checked several times and we do not send anything that does not fit your car!
When a search is started via car model, the system reads based on the car's type approval, cf. the car manufacturer's regulations. This ensures correct rim and tire mounting.
Wheelsshop can not guarantee the fitment of rims and tires on cars with the following changes:

· Retrofitted non-original lowering sets.

· Retrofitted non-original brake calipers.

In many cases, the recommended tires and rims will still fit the car, despite the above changes.
All images of products shown are model images only. In some cases, a rim appears with a different number of bolt holes than the car's regulations.
Test fit the rims on the car before fitting tires.
Rims / tires that have been driven are accepted as being ok.

Why can I not change the tire size myself when I search for rims with tires?
As it is important to have the correct tire size on the individual car model, only the recommended tire size is shown, cf. the car manufacturer's type approval.
If you want a different tire size than the recommended one, please contact us at mail@wheelsshop.com to secure your care guarantee.

Are the wheels balanced and ready for mounting?
Yes, when you order a complete set of tires and rims, the tires are mounted on the rims and balanced.
Balancing is a free service, there is no guarantee or right of complaint for this service.
Wheelsshop can therefore not be held responsible for any. operating losses, including lost earnings, installation costs or the like.
All the necessary fittings such as bolts, nuts and possibly centering rings will be included for alloy wheels but not if orginal have to be used. Center rings are mounted on the back of the rim, and are only included if this is necessary in relation to centering on the car's hub. If you order steel rims, new bolts / nuts are not necessary. There you use the originals from the car.

Can I mount the wheels on my car myself ?
Once we have sold and delivered you a set of tires and rims, it is ready to be fitted to your car.
So in principle, it is just a matter of changing one wheel at a time.

How big wheels can fit on my car?
The law prescribes in some countries that the wheels must not stick outside the screens.
In addition, the roll circumference must be kept within +/- 5% of the original (the original is the smallest size with which the car is type-approved).
Therefore, when choosing a larger rim, choose a tire in a smaller profile.
The wheels must be free of screens and struts.

What is ET?
ET means indentation (Einpress Tief in German) and is an expression of how far inside the screen the rim sits, ie the track width.
The lower the ET, the farther the wheels come apart, and the greater the track width.
You must never take a higher ET number than the one the car was originally born on, and you must max. Go 10 numbers down. (the law is different for countries).
Is the car e.g. born with ET45, then one should stick to ET35-45. The ET dimension is calculated in mm so that the ET 45 sits 10 mm further inside the car than the ET35.
Note that this differs for each rim size and different for all cars

What is track width?
Track width is the distance measured between the wheels. You measure from the middle of the right tire to the middle of the left tire.

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